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Membership Agreement

The Baklava House Membership Agreement

This agreement has been made between every individual ("Member") creating a membership on the internet site operated and known as "The Baklava House."

1. Parties

a. The Baklava House: Our company is the operating organization. The address is [Company Address], and contact information is [Phone Number and Email Address].

b. Member: The individual who has registered and created a membership account on the website.

2. Subject of the Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to determine the terms and conditions of access and use of the products and services offered by "The Baklava House" through the Member's access to the website.

3. Membership Service

a. The Member, by creating a membership account on "The Baklava House" website, gains the right to access the site and use certain services.

b. The Member cannot share the membership account with another person or organization and cannot transfer it to third parties.

4. Privacy and Security

a. The Member is responsible for securely storing membership information and not sharing it with third parties.

b. The Member cannot hold "The Baklava House" responsible for damages arising from the unauthorized use of membership information.

5. Membership Cancellation

a. The Member can cancel the membership account at any time.

b. "The Baklava House" reserves the right to suspend or cancel the membership account if non-compliance with service terms is detected or for other reasons.

6. Changes

"The Baklava House" has the right to change or update the provisions of this agreement at any time. Changes become effective after being published on the website.

This agreement, signed on the basis of mutual trust and respect between the parties, remains valid from the date it comes into effect.

The Baklava House