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Welcome to The Baklava House

Hello! We, The Baklava House team, have been crafting delicious baklava and Turkish delight with skillful hands in Edirne since 2018. Initially catering only to local customers, we've observed that the appeal of our products extends to anyone who tastes them. A significant fan base has emerged, particularly among people in Turkey and Bulgaria. Now, we believe it's time to take this flavor-filled journey a step further. Through our e-commerce website, we aim not only to reach customers in our country but also sweet enthusiasts around the world. Our goal is to leave an unforgettable taste in everyone's palate and build a bridge between cultures. During this process, we commit to preparing each order with care and offering our freshest and most delicious products. We sincerely believe that coming together not in a language but in a taste experience brings people even closer. Follow us to join this flavor-filled journey, and let's sail together into sweet moments!