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Pistachio Chocolate Baklava

475.00 TL
Stock code TBH-12
Barcode TBH-12
Product Description

Pistachio Chocolate Baklava is an enriched version of the classic baklava for sweet lovers. This special treat is crafted from the perfect blend of high-quality chocolate and select Antep pistachios. The rich chocolate filling, hidden between thin, crispy layers of phyllo, and the flavor of freshly ground Antep pistachios, turn this baklava into a true feast for the senses. Pistachio Chocolate Baklava is the ideal choice for those in search of a unique taste. Each bite offers an unforgettable taste experience, satisfying your sweet tooth in a sophisticated manner. This elegant dessert, which you can serve to your guests on special occasions, not only provides a visual feast but also delights the palate.